Welcome To Tippy Toes 


 Teachers will work with students on age-appropriate skills to challenge their thinking and to make strides in improving the many skills needed in their development. Our curriculum is developed for students to learn through hands-on activities and purposeful play. We work on social and emotional development, language and literacy, communication, math, science, social studies, art, sensory, fine motor and gross motor. 


Natures Classroom

Welcome to a NEW way of childcare.

Natures Classroom is an outside classroom on our property that offers children a unique hands-on learning opportunity. This outside classroom offers children (with parent permission) an

opportunity to participate in our flower and veggie gardens (coming spring 2023).

Children are also able to participate in taking care of our farm animals. We have 3 very friendly goats, 5 chickens, 1 rooster, and 2 bunnies. The chickens are just for show, the state does not allow children to work with feathered friends, but we always have fresh eggs for taking. 

Goat's names: Pudding, Freckles and Teddy

Bunnies: Bambie and Thumper

Chickens: Little, Apple Juice, Oink, Moo, Peep, and Baa

We also have a service dog named Rosie on site. 

Children will learn to take care of the animals by brushing, walking, and feeding them. Parents are welcome to visit the Reeds Family Petting Park of Natures Classroom whenever time allows. 

Our Petting Park is named after the original owners of the land and home, Mr. and Mrs. Reed. This land and home was once a horse farm and held many gardens and furry friends. 

This space is available for Birthday Parties!

Discovery Playground (under construction)

Welcome to Discovery Playground for Toddlers-School Age! Our original 6000 sq foot playground was ready for an update. We thought what better than to bring a Montessori style of learning to our playground. Most items are from recycled and reused martials. Children are able to play in a clean and fun environment that allows them to use their imaginations to build, climb and play!

We have a separate playground for our infants and waddlers. This playground allows a lot of free movement on a soft ground. Free of harsh ground covering that could be swallowed and chew!